Who We Are

Artists just like you.

Bojh Parker

Fine Art Printing Manager / Daredevil

Daredevil n: one who knows nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Bojh Parker is a dedicated and disciplined artist who works across the mediums of video, photography, painting and graphic design. In house at Braggadoon, he assists artists with capturing their original works, and creates digital files suitable for fine art reproduction. His print making skills are impeccable, employing the intuition and creative processes necessary to bring a client’s vision to life.

Mr. Parker’s willingness to take risks in the service of art has lead him to daring places in his personal work, telling truths bigger than his own. He graduated from Fresno Institute of Technology in 2003 with an emphasis in Multi-Media Design. He started his creative career on film sets as a production assistant, grip and 2nd A.D. He has worked with Pulitzer prize winners, Grammy nominees and other award winning artists. A well rounded California boy, his hobbies include skateboarding, guitar and waxing hilarious over beers. See more of his work at www.bojhparker.com

Ryan Grossman

Production Manager / Mentalist

Mentalist, n: A magician capable of pulling off extraordinary feats using powers of the mind.

Part Artist, part Engineer, part Craftsman, as Braggadoon’s Production Manager Ryan possesses a skillset that is at once highly creative, analytical and practical. Working closely with Creative Director Kiersten Hanna, Ryan takes signs and graphics from inception to installation. A belt and suspenders man, he brings his meticulous eye for detail and refinement to his work. From the installation of vinyl graphics to painting a 50 foot mural on the third story of the historic Golden West Saloon, he works across many mediums and scales with a steady, patient hand.

Mr. Grossman has worked in graphic design for over fifteen years. He holds a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Oil Painting from the San Francisco Academy of Art University. His remarkable painting style evokes imagery that is at once classical and surreal. You can find his work at www.ryangrossman.com

Kiersten Hanna

Creative Director / Ring Mistress

Ring Mistress, n: the one who brings the whole circus together. Mistress of Ceremonies. The ma’am with the master plan.

As Owner and Creative Director of Braggadoon, Kiersten Hanna acts as liaison between her clients and creative staff. A great lover of people, with a highly refined eye for design, Kiersten shines light on the small businesses and independent artists who make Mendocino County such a magical place to live. With a background in fine art photography, museum curatorship and graphic design, she has the creative means to help her clients bring their vision to fruition. Art direction, logo design, and archival quality art print making are just some of the tricks she has up her sleeve. A Michigan girl originally, Kiersten’s Midwestern work ethic, generosity of spirit, and enthusiasm for helping others are downright infectious.

Ms. Hanna holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Columbia College in Chicago, and is an alumnus of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland Maine. A county resident since 2009, she is passionate about documenting and preserving the oral, written and photographic histories of Mendocino County. She has worked closely with the Mendocino County Museum, producing all of the sets and props for their traveling Museum Road Show. Learn more at www.kierstenhanna.com